Metalenema 8-23-23 – Superior Seconds!

  DJ Slitzkrieg curated a show about superior second efforts from bands you know and love (likely because of their amazing second albums)! Sit back and rediscover some great second acts! [DOWNLOAD IT HERE] Playlist Epidemic Circle Of Fools Decameron Dark Angel Darkness Descends Darkness Descends Watain Devil’s Blood Casus Luciferi Necromantia Devilskin Scarlet Evil …

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Metalenema Episode 8-9-23

  Time for a Destroying Texas Fest recap, along with a discussion of Profanatica’s questionable behavior in general! [DOWNLOAD IT HERE] Playlist Crucifier Into Ash Say Your Prayers Varathron Luciferian Mystical Awakening Patriarchs of Evil Ares Kingdom A Wolf on the Fold In Darkness at Last Antisma Dark Nation Still No Belief Drp 087 Wurgilnõ …

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Metalenema Episode 7-19-23

  More from Sammath, our band of the month, along with killer new cuts from Sacrenoir, Gravitnir, Sotherion, and Ruim! We also talk about epic follow-up albums and the usual lunacy! [DOWNLOAD IT HERE] Playlist Hexecutor Ker Ys Beyond Any Human Conception Of Knowledge Seance Soulerosion Saltrubbed Eyes Grafvitnir Venomous Incantations Into the Outer Wilderness …

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