Metalenema, Episode 7-5-23

We’re back in force for July, and Sammath is our band of the month, with their killer new album, “Grebbeberg”! It’s death, it’s black, it’s fucking nuts! We also break out fresh tracks from Thanatomass, Nither, Torture Rack, Sarpa, and Unpure. Strap in, and let’s do this!
Pick up the new Sammath here!
Sodality Rapture Benediction part 1
Demonized Lit The Tavernous Cauldrons Abyss Vanguard
Mavorim Das Joch der Schande Ab Amitia Pulsae
Sammath Grebbeberg Grebbeberg
Sammath Murderous Artillery Grebbeberg
Sammath Last Gasp of the Dying Grebbeberg
Thanatomass Living Tombs Of Tartaros Hades
Act of Impalement Specters of Unlight Infernal Ordinance
Minenwerfer Shrapnel Exsanguination Feuerwalze
Deathsiege Harbingers of Finality Throne of Heresy
Deathfucker Temple Of Adoration Firespawn
Death Reich Fall of Kings Disharmony
Deicide Sacrificial Suicide Amon: Feasting The Beast
Ekrom My End Uten Nådigst Formildelse
Thorybos Underground Cemetery Conjuring Subterranean Vortex
Absu A Shield with an Iron Face Tara + In the Eyes of Ioldànach
Nither Curses Of The Old Cult Cast In Dark Grandeur
Torture Rack Impalement Storm Primeval Onslaught
Unpure The Witch of Upsala Prophecies Ablaze
Ascended Dead Bestial Vengeance Even Fall of the Apocalypse
Frightful Spectral Creator Spectral Creator
Heidenreich Grim And Bitter Heart Trance Of An Unholy Union
Sarpa Arcane Rites – Tohu wa Bohu