Metalenema Episode 4-26-23, Metal Threat 2023 Special!

Metal Threat 2023 was fucking INSANE! We had the best time, and we’ll play songs from most of the bands who appeared and tell you all about it!
  1. Berator Onslaught to Absolution Elysian Inferno
  2. Kill Conflagration Great Death
  3. Witches Hammer Lust Stalking Death Devourer of the Dead
  4. Cardiac Arrest It Takes Form A Parallel Dimension Of Despair
  5. Slutvomit Bombing the Chapel Swarming Darkness
  6. Perversion Bhagavad Genocide Archaic Death Metal
  7. Slaughtbath Blackburn Hail to Fire
  8. Deus Mortem Breaking the Sceptres, Crushing the Wands The Fiery Blood
  9. Ares Kingdom Basilisk Flame In Darkness At Last
  10. Sijjin Daemon Blessex Sumerian Promises
  11. Nekromantheon Rise, Vulcan Spectre Rise, Vulcan Spectre
  12. Sadistic Intent Dark Predictions Resurrection of the Ancient Black Earth
  13. Enthroned Scared By Darkwinds Prophecies of Pagan Fire
  14. Monstrosity Manic Millennium
  15. Sorcery Lucifers Legions Bloodchilling Tales
  16. Possession Beast of Prey Exorkizein
  17. Perdition Temple Desolation Usurper Sacraments of Descension
  18. Nexul Chaosipher Tower Paradigm of Chaos
  19. Nunslaughter The Temptress Red Is the Color of Ripping Death
  20. CIANIDE Salvation Death, Doom, And Destruction
  21. Dead Congregation Immaculate Poison Promulgation of the Fall
  22. Nasty Savage XXX Indulgence / Abstract Reality
  23. Whiplash Spit On Your Grave Power And Pain
  24. Witchmaster When Will It All End Antichristus Ex Utero
  25. Sacramentum Moonfog Far Away From The Sun / Finis Malorum
  26. Messiah Lycantropus Erectus Choir Of Horrors
  27. Aura Noir Trenches Out to Die
  28. Impaled Nazarene Sadhu Satana Ugra Karma