Metalenema Episode 8-9-23


Time for a Destroying Texas Fest recap, along with a discussion of Profanatica’s questionable behavior in general!


Crucifier Into Ash Say Your Prayers
Varathron Luciferian Mystical Awakening Patriarchs of Evil
Ares Kingdom A Wolf on the Fold In Darkness at Last
Antisma Dark Nation Still No Belief Drp 087
Wurgilnõ De Bloedrode Beek De Doden Rusten Niet In Vrede (Album Version)
Suppression Lost Eyes The Sorrow Of Soul Through Flesh
AOSOTH IV-4. Under Nails & Fingertips IV: Arrow In Heart
Deathsiege Dehumanized in Darkness Throne of Heresy
Ruinous From Flames of Malice Born Graves of Ceaseless Death
Profanatica Eucharist in Ruin Rotting Incarnation of God
Satyricon The Dawn Of A New Age Nemesis Divina
Misgivings Supreme Regression Misgivings
Demigod As I Behold I Despise Slumber of sullen eyes
Adramelech Abomination 459 Pure Blood Doom
Tenebro Brucia Strega! L’ Inizio Di Un Incubo
Demoncy Winds Of Plague Enthroned Is The Night
Funeral Mist In Here Deiform
Ascendency Domitor Invictus A Manifest of Imperious Destiny (EP)
Sacramentary Abolishment Triple Ley-Line Junction River Of Corticone
Empheris Rot No More The Return Of Derelict Gods
Morbid Angel Maze Of Torment Altars Of Madness