Metalenema Episode 5-24-23 – Steelfest Special!


We had a total blast at Steelfest XI, and we bring you a full report of how it all went down! Tons of bands, tons of friends, and now we’re fucking exhausted! Hail metal!

  1. Azazel Christian Slut Jesus Perversions
  2. Destroyer 666 Stand defiant Defiance
  3. Marduk Limbs Of Worship Rom 5:12
  4. Ritualization The Graveyard Coven Sacraments To The Sons Of The Abyss
  5. Ymir Nightwinds Aeons of Sorrow
  6. Tsatthoggua Intrude into immortality Hosanna Bizarre
  7. Gehenna Adimiron Black Adimiron Black
  8. Ride for Revenge The Altar of Eternal Power Fire Feed The Infamy
  9. Carpathian Forest When Thousand Moon Have Circled Through Chasm, Caves… 
  10. Sotherion Schwarmgeist Schwarmgeist
  11. Urn (Finland) Hunted Iron Will of Power
  12. Merrimack Gutters of Pain Omegaphilia
  13. Nordjevel Within the Eyes Gnavhòl
  14. Nunslaughter Three Nails One Liar Angelic Dread
  15. Warmoon Lord Blazing Warrior Soul Burning Banners Of The Funereal War
  16. Torture Killer I Chose Death I Chose Death
  17. Black Dawn The Sectile Shadow Come the Colorless Dawn
  18. Urgehal Mirror Satan Through Thick Fog Till Death