Metalenema Episode 7-19-23


More from Sammath, our band of the month, along with killer new cuts from Sacrenoir, Gravitnir, Sotherion, and Ruim! We also talk about epic follow-up albums and the usual lunacy!



  1. Hexecutor Ker Ys Beyond Any Human Conception Of Knowledge
  2. Seance Soulerosion Saltrubbed Eyes
  3. Grafvitnir Venomous Incantations Into the Outer Wilderness
  4. Sammath Last Gasp of the Dying Grebbeberg
  5. Sammath Crushed, Shattered and Destroyed Grebbeberg
  6. Demoniac Mortal Woe Malleus Christianitatis
  7. Azaxul Cryptborn Shadows The Fleshly Tomb
  8. Moonblood The Message of Evil Frozen Tears of A Vampire
  9. Moondark Concealing The Daylight The Shadowpath
  10. Secrets Of The Moon Ordinance Antithesis
  11. Disgorged Infesting The Nest Of Incubation Thy Hideous Wake
  12. Sotherion Track 04 Vermine
  13. Ruim Evig Dissonans Black Royal Spiritism I O Sino da Igreja
  14. Sacrenoir The blade of Satan Comme des Revenants Parmi les Ruines
  15. Emperor Ye Entrancemperium Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
  16. Disma Spectral Domination Towards The Megalith
  17. Vital Remains Crown Of The Black Hearts Into Cold Darkness
  18. Kaevum Blodreligion Fedrelandets Alter
  19. Proclamation Rites of Carnality Advent of the Black Omen
  20. Vulture Lord Stillborn Messiah Desecration Rite