Metalenema 8-23-23 – Superior Seconds!


DJ Slitzkrieg curated a show about superior second efforts from bands you know and love (likely because of their amazing second albums)! Sit back and rediscover some great second acts!



  1. Epidemic Circle Of Fools Decameron
  2. Dark Angel Darkness Descends Darkness Descends
  3. Watain Devil’s Blood Casus Luciferi
  4. Necromantia Devilskin Scarlet Evil Witching Black
  5. Slayer 01-Hell Awaits Hell Awaits
  6. Magnus Psychoses I Was Watching My Death – The Gods Of The Crime
  7. Nuclear Assault Brainwashed (Remastered) Survive (Remastered)
  8. Svartsyn Dungeons …His Majesty
  9. Dawn Falcula Slaughtersun – Crown of the Triarchy
  10. MACABRE OMEN Gods of War – At War Gods Of War – At War
  11. Macabre Zodiac Sinister Slaughter
  12. Funebrarum Grave Reaper The Sleep of Morbid Dreams
  13. Ravencult Possessed on Burial Ground Morbid Blood
  14. Demolition Hammer Aborticide Epidemic of Violence (2008 Reissue)
  15. Angel Corpse Wartorn Exterminate
  16. Incubus Curse Of The Damned Cities Beyond The Unknown
  17. Kreator Death is Your Saviour Pleasure to Kill-Flag of Hate
  18. ECTOVOID Mental Netherworlds Dark Abstraction
  19. Dodheimsgard The Crystal Specter Monumental Possession
  20. Immortal The Sun No Longer Rises Pure Holocaust
  21. Graveland Thousand Swords Thousand Swords
  22. Coroner Arc-Lite Punishment For Decadence
  23. Malevolent Creation Coronation Of Our Domain Retribution
  24. Destroyer 666 I am the Wargod (Ode to the Battle Slain) Phoenix Rising
  25. Desaster Teutonic Steel Hellfire’s Dominion
  26. Marduk Burn My Coffin Those Of The Unlight
  27. Pestilence Chronic Infection Consuming Impulse
  28. Thanatos Perpetual Misery Realm of Ecstasy
  29. Abigor I Face The Eternal Winter Nachthymnen (From The Twilight Kingdom)
  30. Adorior Iron Blood (Ferrym Sanguen) Author Of Incest
  31. Sacrifice Pyrokinesis Forward To Termination (Remastered)