Metalenema Episode 4-12-23


You end up running away from a lot of things when you’re a kid, but you can’t run from metal! Minenwerfer is still our band of the month, and we throw in a ton of Chicago classics, along with new ones from Sepulcrum, Sacrifizer, and Death Reich!



  1. Death Reich Hysteria Disharmony
  2. Sepulcrum Arousing the Putrid Flesh Lamentation of Immolated Souls
  3. Sacrifizer 05.SACRIFIZER – Leather Agents Le diamant de Lucifer
  4. Minenwerfer Nachtschreck Feuerwalze
  5. Minenwerfer Sturmtruppen III (Sommekämpfer) Feuerwalze
  6. Gevurah Memento, Homo… Gehinnom
  7. Devastation Cranial Hemorrhage Dispensable Bloodshed
  8. Scepter Feel The Steel Up Thy Ass
  9. Contagion (US) Seclusion Seclusion demo
  10. Sindrome Rapture in Blood Into the Halls of Extermination
  11. Macabre Trampled to Death Gloom
  12. Macabre Sniper in the Sky Sinister Slaughter
  13. Demented Ted Psychopathology Promises Impure
  14. Terminal Death The Day After the End [Demo Version] Terminal Death
  15. Nucleus Mobilization Entity
  16. Morgue Plagued Birth Eroded Thoughts
  17. Nefarious Severed Dreams Death Beckons
  18. Absconder Destruction of the Lower Half Destruction of the Lower Half
  19. Usurper Deep In The Forest Diabolosis
  20. Cianide Darkness A Descent into Hell
  21. Impetigo Trap Them And Kill Them Horror Of The Zombies
  22. Sarcophagus From the Cross… Sarcophagus, Deadnoise, Ubermensch
  23. Master Pay To Die Master