Metalenema Episode 3-29-23

Minenwerfer is our band of the month! Check out tracks from their new album, along with more metal mania and discussions about sentient primates and supply chain inconveniences!

  1. Deviser Sky Burial Evil Summons Evil
  2. Perdition Temple Redemption Abattoir Merciless Upheaval
  3. Celtic Frost Morbid Tales Morbid Tales
  4. Witches Hammer Fatal Attacker Devourer of the Dead
  5. Ares Kingdom A Wolf On the Fold In Darkness At Last
  6. Xibalba Sign of Eastern War Ah Dzam Poop Ek 
  7. Ymir Nightwinds Aeons of Sorrow
  8. Znöwhite To The Last Breath Act Of God
  9. Poisonous Inner Time Armageddon Doomed Pillars
  10. Minenwerfer Cemetery Fields Feuerwalze
  11. Minenwerfer Feuerwalze Feuerwalze
  12. Youna Verdrieß Und Verderben Zornvlouch
  13. Wehrmacht The Wehrmacht Biermächt / Shark Attack
  14. Bloodlust Morbidity of Mind Hideous…
  15. Dragon Prisoner Scream of Death
  16. Nucleus Swarm Sentient
  17. Realm Slay The Oppressor Endless War
  18. Coroner Suicide Command R.I.P.
  19. Artillery By Inheritance By Inheritance
  20. Mercyless Travel Through A Strange Emotion Coloured Funeral
  21. Vorum Rabid Blood Poisoned Void
  22. Winterwolf Cemetary by Night Cycle of the Werewolf