Metalenema Episode 3-8-23

Your hosts take you on a road trip to Houston on this episode, so hop in and enjoy!

  1.  Funeral Forgotten Abominations Forgotten Abominations 
  2. Funeral Nation State of Insanity After The Battle XXV
  3. Funeral Mist Hooks Of Hunger Deiform
  4. Tsatthoggua Heirs of Fire Hallelujah Messiah
  5. Naked Whipper Whore Of Damnation Pain Streaks
  6. Blood Perishment In Utter Ecstasy Gas Flames Bones
  7. Profane Order No Light Here One Nightmare Unto Another
  8. Ossuaire Ignipotentis Triumvirat
  9. Spectral Damnation Serpent On A Cross Extra Æcclesiam
  10. Crucifier Chime of the Goat’s Head Bell Say Your Prayers
  11. Blood Spill Demonic Plague Demonic Plague
  12. Beyond Schizopsychotic Eruption Fatal Power of Death
  13. Cro-Mags We Gotta Know The Age Of Quarrel
  14. Dead Head Drawn into the Wire Slave Driver
  15. Epidemic Circle Of Fools Decameron
  16. Resurrection Torture Chamber Embalmed Existance
  17. Dead Congregation Serpentskin Promulgation of the Fall
  18. Calderum Possessed by the Full Moon Mystical Fortress of Iberian Lands
  19. Cruentation Spearman Cruentation
  20. Protector Cleithrophobia Excessive Outburst of Depravity
  21. Cultus Profano Towards the Temple of Darkened Fates, Op. 19 Accursed Possession
  22. Razor Tear Me To Pieces Malicious Intent