Metalenema Episode 2-22-23


We get into theories about older women that leads to some slander, and play an excellent selection of metal, as usual!



  1. Thanatos And Jesus Wept Realm of Ecstasy
  2. Zoldier Noiz Random Justice Regression Process
  3. Condor Riders Of Violence Unstoppable Power
  4. Ekrom The black flame of Seth Ekrom
  5. Nominon Night of Damnation Diabolical Bloodshed
  6. Misgivings The Age of Christic Sorrow Misgivings
  7. Chamber Of Unlight On The Path Of Thy Shadow Realm Of The Night
  8. Funeral Bitch Out of Space The 80’s Demos
  9. Emperor Ye Entrancemperium Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
  10. Mysticum Fist of Satan Planet Satan
  11. Sorcier Des Glaces (Return to the) Primitive Grandeur Un Monde de Glace et de Sang
  12. Embrace of Thorns Transformation into a Celestial Ghoul Entropy Dynamics
  13. Forbidden Twisted Into From Twisted Into From
  14. Of Forsaken Divinity Unholy are the Flames Ascensions
  15. Mortem A Demon Tale Demon Tales
  16. Force of darkness Armour of Leviathan Darkness Revelation
  17. Sotherion Schwarmgeist Schwarmgeist
  18. Molested Wolves Of Graven Hate Stormvold + Demos
  19. Sammath Nineteen Corpses Hang In The Mist Godless Arrogance
  20. Excel Your Life, My Life Split Image
  21. Slugathor Faceless Icons Crypt of the Ancient Fire
  22. Obliveon Obliveon-05-It Should Have Stayed From This Day Forward
  23. Grotesque Spawn Of Azathoth In The Embrace Of Evil
  24. Graveland Hordes Of Empire The Celtic Winter