Metalenema Epsiode 10-26-22 – an evening with Svartalv, part 1

We’re excited to bring back our “Special Guest” series to Metalenema with a multi-part episode featuring Svartalv of Nocturnal Breed (and Gehenna, and Satyricon, and a ton of other Norwegian bands you’re not cool enough to know about). He came with killer playlist and a ton of great stories from the wildest days of the Scandinavian black metal movement, and we had a hell of a good time. You will too! Strap yourself in and listen now!

  1. Slayer Show No Mercy Live Undead
  2. Zyklon – B Warfare Blood Must Be Shed
  3. Aeternus Victory Dark Sorcery
  4. Gehenna The Pentagram Malice
  5. Gehenna A Myth Seen Through The Veils Of Dark
  6. Sodom Witching Metal In The Sign Of Evil + Obsessed By Cruelty
  7. Living Death Wood Of Necrophiliac Back To The Weapons / Protected From Reality
  8. Iron Maiden Wrathchild Killers
  9. Autopsy Your Rotting Face Acts Of The Unspeakable (Reissued)
  10. 1349 Blood is the Mortar Beyond the Apocalypse 
  11. Annihilator Alison Hell Alison Hell (Demo)
  12. Hades Alone Walkyng Alone Walkyng
  13. Unveiled Ancient King
  14. Angel Witch Angel of Death Angel Witch
  15. Antikrist Antikrist – Purification 
  16. Antikrist Antikrist – World Defiler