Metalenema Epsiode 11-2-22 – an evening with Svartalv, part 2

We are back for more with our special guest, Svartalv of Nocturnal Breed! More stories, more laughs, more classic and obscure tracks! Crack a beer and join us!



  1. Pentagram Be Forewarned First Daze Here
  2. Tormentor Beyond Anno Domini
  3. Agressor Black Church
  4. Candlemass Black Eyes Chapter VI
  5. Mercyful Fate Black Funeral Melissa
  6. Combath Gloomy Sunday
  7. Sabbat Blood For The Blood God
  8. Venom Buried Alive Black Metal
  9. Warlock Burning The Witches Burning The Witches
  10. Master’s Hammer Cerna Svatozar Ritual
  11. Morgoth   Darkness Cursed 
  12. Conjuration Conjuration  Clavicula My Coat of Worms
  13. Conjuration Conjuration  Rotting
  14. Death Zombie Ritual  Scream Bloody Gore
  15. Merciless Denied Birth The Awakening 
  16. Sabbat Do Dark Horses Dream Of Nightm Dreamweaver
  17. Gorgoroth Drommer Om Dod  Pentagram
  18. Death Mission   Evil Undead
  19. Dissection Elisabeth Bathory Storm of the Lights Bane
  20. Asphyx Embrace the Dead Embrace the Death