Metalenema Epsiode 9-28-22


New tracks from Bitter Loss, Cruentation, Abythic, and Hieophant, along with the usual riffing and juvenalia!



  1. Bitter Loss God’s Grave Valleys Of The Fallen Empire 
  2. Antaeus Control And Abuse Blood Libels
  3. Cruentation Cruel Nailing Cruentation
  4. Dead Head Parabellum Slave Driver
  5. Abythic Conquest of the One True Creed Eden of the Doomed
  6. Acrimonious Ominous Visions of Nod Eleven Dragons
  7. Aura Noir Black Deluge Nigh The Merciless
  8. Cadaver Maelstrom Hallucinating Anxiety
  9. Cambion Fatalitism Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium
  10. Hierophant Death Siege Death Siege
  11. Thou Art Lord The Black Halo Daemoniorum
  12. Mefitic Execrable Precept of Ha-Melekh Ha-Goel Signing The Servants of God
  13. Black Dawn To Haunt And To Feed Blood For Satan
  14. Triumphator Redeemer Of Chaos Wings Of Antichrist
  15. Winterwolf Wolf Skin Mask Cycle of the Werewolf
  16. Gevurah Temple Without Form Hallelujah!
  17. Heinous Cursed King’s Death Ritual, Blood and Mysterious Dawn
  18. Holocausto Escarro Napalm War Metal Massacre
  19. Chasse-Galerie Damnatio Memoriae D’Ost & De Verve
  20. Concrete Winds Dissident Mutilator Primitive Force
  21. Cornigr Furnace Foundation Funereal Harvest 
  22. Ritual Death Ceremonial Crypt Desecration Ritual Death