Metalenema 8-31-22


Ritualization is our band of the month, so more from them, along with ridiculous speculations about live nudity on stage and having sex with overweight people. New tracks from White Rune, Coscradh, amd Devouror, and so much more!



  1. White Rune The Iron Claws of Satan Dawn of the White Rune
  2. Dawn The Ethereal Forest Naer Solen Gar Niper For Evogher
  3. Coscradh Feast of the Epiphany Nahanagan Stadial
  4. Satyricon Forhekset Nemesis Divina
  5. Nocturnal Breed Rape The Angels Raping Europe ’97
  6. Besieged Testaments Violence Beyond All Reason
  7. Devouror Atomic Crossfire Slay for Satan
  8. Ritualization The Crown of Moloch Hema Ignis Necros
  9. Ritualization When the Chalice Runneth Over Hema Ignis Necros
  10. Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû The Coagulating Respite Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû
  11. Morbid Scream Timeless Sleep The Signal To Attack: 1986-1990
  12. Rigor Mortis Die In Pain Rigor Mortis
  13. Omegavortex Gateways Black Abomination Spawn
  14. Berator Swine Cult Elysian Inferno
  15. Zyklon-B Warfare Blood Must Be Shed
  16. Chthonic Cult On the Wings of Drought Become Seekers for Death
  17. Obtained Enslavement Witchcraft Witchcraft
  18. Black Dawn When The Shadows Become Flesh Blood For Satan
  19. Truppensturm Armed & Commanded Salute To The Iron Emperors
  20. Cultus Profano Crown of Hellfire, Op. 11 Accursed Possession
  21. Necrovorous Faces of Addiction Plains of Decay
  22. Massacra Revealing Cruelty Enjoy The Violence
  23. Macabre Fritz Haarmann The Butcher Gloom
  24. Lubricant Expulsive Gastroscopia Nookleptia