Metalenema 8-17-22

 Ritualization is back with a killer new EP, and they’re our band of the mont! Also, new tracks from Critical Defiance, Archaic Mass, and discussions about summer water toys from the 80s!



  1. Torture Storm Alert Storm Alert
  2. Hellvetron Abbadon-Wings Of Perdition  Death Scroll of Seven Hells… 
  3. Forteresse Une Nuit Pour la Patrie Metal Noir Quebecois
  4. Nuclear Assault Analog Man Pounder
  5. Teitanblood Ultimate Revelation Descend Black Putrescence Of Evil
  6. Order From Chaos Conqueror Of Fear – IV. Plateau Of Invincibility An Ending In Fire
  7. Suppression Arrowheads The Sorrow Of Soul Through Flesh
  8. Purtenance The Lost Memories Member Of Immortal Damnation
  9. Concrete Winds Flaying Internecine Nerve Butcherer
  10. Atrocity In The Wake Of Death Infected
  11. Bathory Equimanthorn Under the Sign of the Black Mark
  12. Critical Defiance Dying Breath No Life Forms
  13. Ritualization The Crown of Moloch Hema Ignis Necros
  14. Mavorim Elfenblut Non Omnis Moriar
  15. Arckanum SĂș Vitran Antikosmos
  16. Rotten Tomb Forgotten Graveyard Visions Of Dismal Fate
  17. Samael Ceremony Of Opposites Ceremony Of Opposites
  18. Sadistic Conjurer Rotting Eternal
  19. Archaic Mass Necrosites Mortal Extremities
  20. Chaotian Effigies of Obsolescence Effigies of Obsolescence
  21. Anticreation The Last Perception From the Dust of Embers
  22. Mayhem Pagan Fears De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas