Metalenema Episode 7-27-22 – “Phil Anselmo’s” Big Announcement!


“Phil Anselmo” invited himself back onto the show to share some big news (well, big for him anyway) and struggle to opine on all things metal. For damage control, we play new cuts from Church of Disgust, Protector, Dead Head, and more!



  1. Phrenelith Chimaerian Offspring – Part II Chimaera
  2. Celtic Frost Eternal Summer To Mega Therion
  3. Funeral Mist Children Of The Urn Deiform
  4. Azothyst Eradication Altar Blood of Dead God
  5. Excel Set Yourself Apart Split Image
  6. Church Of Disgust At The Pillar Of Souls Weakest Is The Flesh
  7. Crimson Evenfall Unholy Blood Of Immortality Crimson Evenfall
  8. Vornat Massacre of Life and Death Vornat
  9. Warloghe Waaslandia Dark Ages’ Return 
  10. Exhorder Legions of Death Slaughter in the Vatican
  11. Kataxu The manifesto of the unity Hunger of Elements
  12. Drastus Occisor La Croix De Sang
  13. Incantation Ethereal Misery Diabolical Conquest
  14. Invultation Banners Under the Moon Unconquerable Death
  15. Imprecation 03 / Hosanna Ex Inferis Satanae Tenebris Infinita
  16. Phylactery 07 Enslaved By The Dawn Necromancy Enthroned
  17. Chthe’ilist Scriptures Of The Typhlodians Le Dernier Crépuscule
  18. Protector Perpetual Blood Oath Excessive Outburst of Depravity
  19. Archaic Mass Survivor Type Mortal Extremities
  20. Dead Head Polar Vortex Slave Driver
  21. Mortem (NOR) Demon Shadow Ravnsvart