Metalenema Episode 7-13-22 DTF Recap!


We went to Destroying Texas Fest and had an excellent time! Then the Undertaker came home with covid – again! WTF??  Anyway, we covered most of the lineup, along with killer new tracks from Misgivings, Slugathor, and Theriomorph!



  1. Masacre    Sepulcros en Ruinas Reqviem
  2. Maiestas    Path of Destruction   Purgatorium
  3. Imperator Ancient Race         The Time Before Time
  4. Cenotaph      Ashes In The Rain The Gloomy Reflections of Our Hidden Sorrows
  5. At War Ilsa (She-Wolf of the S.S.) Ordered to Kill
  6. Mortem The Pain of Being Dead     Dein√≥s Nekr√≥mantis
  7. Ares Kingdom Firestorm Redemption Return to Dust
  8. Adorior Author of Incest Author of Incest
  9. Nyogthaeblisz  Ordnance for Adamic Holocaust and Cosmocidal Entropy Abrahamic Godhead 
  10. Mortuary       Reign Of Dead     Blackened Images
  11. Atomic Aggressor Twilight Spectres Rise of the Old Ones
  12. Misgivings Demonically Stigmatized Misgivings
  13. Black Jackal Extermination Front Forever War
  14. Fuego Eterno Horda EP MMXX
  15. Immolation When Halos Burn Acts of God
  16. Infernal War Crushing Impure Idolatry Terrorfront
  17. Slugathor Cast Aside Crypt of the Ancient Fire
  18. Theriomorph Megalith in the Hanging Garden Diabolical Bloodswords
  19. Perdition Temple Redemption Abattoir Merciless Upheaval
  20. Xenomorph Plight of The Cimmerian Empyreal Regimes
  21. Ill Omened Watchtowers of Ruin – Tyrannous Void Conflaguration Roaring Hell
  22. Bulldozer Ilona Has Been Elected Neurodeliri
  23. Baise Ma Hache Savoisian Sabbath Devotio