Metalenema Episode 11-24-21

We talk a whole lot about Immolation and about purposely failing a grade to stay with your underaged girlfriend, and we also debut the new Concrete Winds and Kaeck!


 Pentacle Bound by Death’s Ropes Spectre of the Eight Ropes

Sadistic Ritual Malicious Misanthrope Visionaire Of Death

Abhorrence Devourer Of Souls Completely Vulgar

Concrete Winds Flaying Internecine Nerve Butcherer

Ordinance Gathering Wraiths In Purge There Is no Remission

Marduk A Sculpture Of The Night Those Of The Unlight

Perdition Temple Carnal Harvest Sacraments of Descension

Drastus Nihil Sine Polum La Croix de Sang

Schizophrenia Structure Of Death Voices

Boundless Chaos Arson from Beyond Of Death and Perdition

Svartsyn It Breathes …His Majesty

Agressor Voices From Below Neverending Destiny

Kaeck De Kwekeling Het Zwarte Dictaat

Asmodeus The Ascend Of My Demise Phalanx Inferna

Nyctophobic Jehova’s Liars War Criminal Views

Abominator Scourge Immortalised Nuctemeron Descent

Immolation Lost Passion Close to a World Below

Teitanblood Seven Chalices of Vomit and Blood Seven Chalices

Master’s Hammer Exhumace Fascinator

Monstrosity Darkest Dream Imperial Doom

Sacrifice Afterlife Forward To Termination

Thanatomass Funereal Ejaculation Black Vitriol & Iron Fire EP