Metalenema Episode 12-8-21 – Best Metal Albums of 2021 (Part 1)


This year another great year for releases, once again the saving grace of another horrendous year. Production problems with albums forced a lot of them to come out late, so we had to cram a lot of new releases in at the last minute. That means this year’s “best-of” is a two-parter, with our Top 10 being showcased in two weeks. The playlist below should hold you until then!



  1. Morbid Messiah Angel of Disembowelment Disgorged in the Coffin
  2. Hexorcist Unrighteous Ceremony Evil Reaping Death
  3. Nekromantheon Scorched Deaths Visions of Trismegistos
  4. Steel Bearing Hand Command of the Infernal Exarch Slay In Hell
  5. Thanatomass Altars Of Nigromancy Black Vitriol & Iron Fire EP
  6. Sorcier Des Glaces Extreme Cold Weather (Messiah cover)    Ghastly Memories 
  7. Sněť Zamrzlý Vrch Mokvání V Okovech
  8. Enforced Beneath Me Kill Grid
  9. Nunslaughter Dead in Ten Red Is the Color of Ripping Death
  10. Hyperdontia Trapped in the Void Hideous Entity
  11. Pâlemort Puissance Profane Tour Du Nord
  12. Black Jackal The Outer Dark Forever War
  13. Destruction Ritual Chants of Relentless Violence Destruction Ritual
  14. Archgoat Black Womb Gnosis Worship the Eternal Darkness
  15. Kanonenfieber Der letzte Flug Menschenmühle
  16. Necromantia Daemonocentric To the Depths We Descend
  17. Chamber Of Unlight Crowns Of Divinity Realm Of The Night
  18. Apostasy Intro Death Return Death Return
  19. Somme Iron Kingdom Prussian Blood
  20. Kaeck Tegen Een Scharlaken Horizon Het Zwarte Dictaat
  21. Frightful Those Who Burns for Might Spectral Creator
  22. Deathfucker Hail, Predator! Firespawn
  23. Malum Messiaan Kuolema  Devil’s Creation
  24. Whoredom Rife A Thousand Graves Endured    Winds of Wrath