Metalenema Episode 11-10-21


We’re so late on this! Sorry! No Halloween show this year, but we do discuss the workout regimens of slasher horror villains, along with how much we hate vinyl!



  1. Axothyst   Rites of Ascendancy Blood of Dead God
  2. Blood Urn  Through the Mist of Death …Of Gory Sorcery and Death
  3. Enochian Unholy Bible Satanic Ceremony
  4. 1914 Pillars of Fire (The Battle of Messines)   Where Fear and Weapons Meet
  5. Black Funeral Chemosh of the Dust and Darkness The Dust and Darkness
  6. Hak-Ed Damm Perverses Prophéties Destructio Purificalis
  7. Sulphurous Eyes Black Fury The Black Mouth of Sepulchre
  8. Sammath Blazing Storm of Steel Triumph in Hatred
  9. Necromantia Eldritch To the Depths We Descend
  10. Black Jackal Strike of the Whip Forever War
  11. Steel Bearing Hand Lich Gate Slay In Hell
  12. Maiestas His Ardent Throne (DevastNecro) Purgatorium
  13. Agressor Epileptic Aura Towards Beyond
  14. Burial Dark Womb Of Outern Creation Inner Gateways To The Slumbering Equilibrium At The Center Of Cosmos
  15. Maleficarum Fallen Woods Across the Heavens
  16. Sindrome Rapture in Blood Into The Halls of Extermination
  17. Venefixion Ways to the Netherworld A Sigh from Below
  18. Vortex of End Voraciovs Egregore Ardens Fvror
  19. Morbific Sawmill in the Mist Ominous Seep Of Putridity
  20. Dödfödd En Obotlig Passion För Att Blöda      Besvärjelse För Omvänd Rekreation 
  21. Brzask Brzask II (Wind Incantation) Brzask