Metalenema Episode 10-13-21 – “What the Fuck Happened” show with “Abbath”!


“Abbath” came to visit with DJ Slitzkrieg once again on a special “What the Fuck Happened?” edition of Metalenema! What crazy things will he say this time??
Entombed Left Hand Path Left Hand Path
Cynic Uroboric Forms Roadrunner Demo
Tribulation Crypt of Thanatophilia The Horror
Atheist On They Slay Beyond
Darkthrone Summer Of The Diabolical Holocaust Under A Funeral Moon
Covenant Visions Of A Lost Kingdom From The Storm Of Shadows (Demo)
Carcass Cadaveric Incubator Of Endoparasites Symphonies Of Sickness
Samael Poison Infiltration Blood Ritual
Convulse Putrid Intercourse World Without God
Satyricon Woods to Eternity The Shadowthrone
Tiamat Necrophagious Shadows Sumerian Cry
Atrocity Defeated Intellect Hallucinations
Ketzer I am your Unholy God Satan’s Boundaries Unchained
Morbid Angel Blasphemy Altars Of Madness
Amorphis Vulgar Necrolatry Privilege of Evil
Pestilence Out Of The Body Consuming Impulse
Sentenced Beyond The Distant Valleys Shadows Of The Past
Paradise Lost Breeding Fear Lost Paradise [Bonus Tracks]
Sepultura Troops Of Doom Schizophrenia
Coroner Sudden Fall Punishment For Decadence
Therion Time Shall Tell Of Darkness…
Pyogenesis On Soulwings Ignis Creatio
Deathspell Omega Monotonous Ecstasy Of Death Manifestations 2002
Katatonia Shades Of Emerald Fields For Funerals To Come (remastered 2012)