Metalenema Episode 9-29-21


Album of the week – Rapture – Malevolent Demise Incarnation

The guys talk waaaaaaaaaaaay too long about all kinds of crap, and play a bunch of new material in between!


  1. Rapture Inaminate Frigidity Malevolent Demise Incarnation
  2. Azazel Jesus Christ Impotent Rotting Saviour Aegrum Satanas Tecum
  3. Sacramentary Abolishment The Day the Waves Died The Distracting Stone
  4. Lvcifyre Black Beneath the Sun The Broken Seal
  5. Pa Vesh En Sister of Sin Maniac Manifest
  6. Rito Profanatorio Eterno Sacrilegio Grimorios e invocaciones desde el templo de la perversión
  7. Sanctuaire Le sang et la sève Spectre de mondes passés
  8. Trance of the Undead Archaic Knowledge Unveiled Chalice of Disease
  9. Profane Desecration Forest Graves Abysmal Stillness
  10. Beyond Man World Without End Beyond Man
  11. Funeral Feast Necro Lustfall Exhumatiom Demo #1
  12. Funeral Bitch Omega Man The 80’s Demos
  13. Graveland The Three Gifts of the Gods Hour of Ragnarok
  14. Odium Palace of Forgotten Dreams The Sad Realm of the Stars
  15. Baxaxaxa Ghosts of Törzburg Catacomb Cult
  16. Malignament Unforgiving North Hypocrisis Absolution
  17. Runespell Vengeance Reign Verses in Regicide
  18. Sanguis Imperem Possessed By Violence In Glory We March To Our Doom
  19. Praise the Flame Endless Scourge Manifest Rebellion
  20. Rundagor Woundprinks Stronghold of Ruins
  21. Deicide Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live Destroy The Faceless Dog