Metalenema Episode 1-6-21


Happy New Year! Things are probably going to stay bad, which seems to be good for metal!


  1. Morbid Angel Chapel Of Ghouls Altars Of Madness
  2. Hate Forest Those Who Worship The Sun Bring The Night Hour Of The Centaur
  3. Ljosazabojstwa Imia Mnie – Liehijon Głoryja Śmierci
  4. Deus Mortem Through the Crown It Departs Kosmocide
  5. Bazzah The Apparition Death Is All I See
  6. SS-18 Lead Sarcophagi Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
  7. Algor Pohanský boj Úder pohanského hnevu
  8. Protector Agoraphobia Misanthropy
  9. Teloch vovin The rite of the harvest Pt I final mix Greg Layman’s Album
  10. Maiestas Pleading for Death Purgatorium
  11. Terata (US, IL) The Source Triumvirate
  12. Immortal Frozen by Icewinds Pure Holocaust
  13. Brzask Brzask III (Crimson Dawn Ritual) Brzask
  14. C.Y.T. Le Sacrifice De L’Égo Configuration of A Yearned Twilight
  15. Infernal War Deaths Evangelist Redesekration
  16. Messiah Death The Monument of Master The Way of Immortal: Complete Collection of Messiah Death
  17. Possessed Fallen Angel Seven Churches
  18. Tenebrarum The Princess Of Shadows Alta Magia
  19. Had Slidt Livet Ud Gennem Legemlige Smerte Untitled (EP)
  20. Manii Sinnets Irrganger Sinnets Irrganger
  21. Anarkhon Ancient Tomb Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple