Metalenema 1-20-21

The Undertaker went and Slayerized the studio, and he and Slitzkrieg talk shit about social media and then play some songs!


Schizophrenia Structure Of Death Voices

Boundless Chaos Crush Of Death and Perdition
Slagmark Feeding the Urge to Destroy  Purging Sacred Soils
Ordeals The Ascendant Apotheosis
Concrete Winds White Cut Manifest  Primitive Force
Truppensturm Walk The Path Of War Fields of Devastation
Proch Horda Trupi Synod
Oath of Cruelty Victory Rites of Exsanguination Summary Execution at Dawn
Evoke Wrathcurse  Seeds of Death
Ritualization Morbid Magick Stigmata  Sacraments To The Sons Of The Abyss
Sarcophagus Human Machines Sarcophagus, Deadnoise, Ubermensch
Profanatica Fuck the MessiahAltar of the Virgin Whore
Infesticide The Phosphovore  Envenoming Wounds
IMMOLATION Despondent Souls  Demo II
Impious Baptism Rites of Illuminated Death  Wrath Of The Apex Predator
Insane Death By Command Wait And Pray
Cornigr Furnace Foundation Funereal Harvest 
Proscription I, The Burning Son  Conduit
1914 High Wood. 75 Acres Of Hell  The Blind Leading The Blind
Mercyless Without Christ Abject Offerings
Cannibal Corpse Return To Flesh The Bleeding