Metalenema Episode 10-28-20 – Gary Oldman as Dracula returns!


Due to popular demand (yes, seriously, there were people who wanted this), we welcome back Gary Oldman as Dracula for a horror-themed Halloween special! 



  1. Sodom Witching Metal In the Sign of Evil/Obsessed by Cruelty
  2. Necromantia Devilskin Scarlet Evil Witching Black
  3. Katharsis Thy Horror 666
  4. Macabre Vampire of Dusseldorf Sinister Slaughter
  5. Blood Feast Vampire (Remix) Kill For Pleasure/Face Fate
  6. Rigor Mortis Vampire Rigor Mortis
  7. Black Dawn To Haunt And To Feed Blood For Satan
  8. Ancient Rites Quest For Blood(le Vampire) Blasfemia Eternal
  9. Moonblood Frozen Tears of A Vampire Frozen Tears of A Vampire (Reh III)
  10. Aoratos Thresher Gods Without Name
  11. Aeternus There’s No Wine Like the Blood’s Crimson …And So The Night Became
  12. Beherit Suck My Blood Engram
  13. Vlad Tepes Returning To My Old Battlegrounds War Funeral March
  14. Mortician Redrum, Outro Mortal Massacre
  15. Mystifier Witching Lycanthropic Moon Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia
  16. Dr. Shrinker Rawhead Rex Grotesque Wedlock
  17. Black Beast Nocturnal Bloodlust Nocturnal Bloodlust
  18. Acherontas Kiss the Blood Psychic Death: The Shattering of Perceptions 
  19. Tartaros Images Of The Mystic Sphere The Grand Psychotic Castle
  20. Macabre Holidays of Horror Gloom
  21. Azazel Bloodbath At The Cemetery Witches Deny Holy Trinity
  22. Tribulation Beyond the Horror The Horror