Metalenema Episode 10-14-20


DJ Slitzkrieg announces a new business venture, and good death and black metal are played as well.



  1. Perdition Temple Desolation Usurper Sacraments of Descension
  2. Perversion Necroplasma Coagulation Archaic Death Metal
  3. Sepolcro The Malevolent Mist Amorphous Mass
  4. Solitary Key Prostration Of Belial Sulphosfurous
  5. Cultus Profano An Offering to the Prolific Goat, Op. 7 Sacramentum Obscurus
  6. Crucifier Toil & Trouble Thy Sulfur Throne On High
  7. Crucifixion Sick Are The Shadows Of Reality Desert of Shattered Hopes
  8. Angantyr Skyggespil Svig
  9. Torture Rack Corpse Revenge Malefic Humiliation
  10. Torture Killer I Chose Death I Chose Death
  11. Torchure Genocidal Confessions Beyond the Veil
  12. Frozen Shadows Forsaken Whispers Dans Les Bras des Immortels
  13. Abhorrence Pestilential Mists Completely Vulgar
  14. Nuclear Assault Analog Man Pounder
  15. Funeral Mist Shedding Skin Hekatomb
  16. Necrophobic Tartarian Winds Dawn of the Damned 
  17. Slutvomit Acolyte of Death’s Destruction Copulation of Cloven Hooves
  18. Protector Whom Gods Destroy A Shedding of Skin
  19. Blood Storm Disease Falls from the Stars The Stellar Exorcism
  20. Svartsyn Wilderness of the Soul In Death
  21. Flamen I Furor Lunae