Metalenema Episode 11-11-20

The new Sorcier Des Glaces out! Yessssssss! Also, new tracks from Svartsyn, Invincible Force, Malicious, and Grafvitnir!

  1. Grafvitnir Helvetesnatt Death’s Wings Widespread
  2. Purgatory Nemesis Enigma Omega Void Tribunal
  3. Svartsyn Inner Demonic Rise Requiem
  4. Sorcier Des Glaces (Return to the) Primitive Grandeur Un Monde de Glace et de Sang
  5. Impiety Reigning Armageddon Versus All Gods
  6. Root Asmodeus Hell Symphony
  7. Invincible Force Illusion of Truth Decomposed Sacramentum
  8. Zyklon-B Warfare Blood Must Be Shed
  9. Malaphar Below Perversion Arisen from Flames
  10. Azazel Black Candle Burning Witches Deny Holy Trinity
  11. Vargrav Obedient, Intolerant, Ensnared Netherstorm
  12. Warmoon Lord In a Rotting Memories Grave Burning Banners Of The Funereal War
  13. Malicious Perpetual Paranoia Deranged Hexes
  14. Death Worship Superion Rising Extermination Mass
  15. Satan Life Sentence Life Sentence
  16. Rotting Christ Visions Of The Dead Lover Thy Mighty Contract
  17. Perversion Barbaric Execution Archaic Death Metal
  18. Ritualization The Graveyard Coven Sacraments To The Sons Of The Abyss
  19. Aura Noir Fed to the Flames Out to Die
  20. Sabbat Hosanna in Excelsis History of a Time to Come