Metalenema Episode 12-3-23

Demoncy is back in time for our Demoncember celebration! Celebrate “Black Star Gnosis” with us, along with yet MORE new releases from Vargrav, Xalpen, Malicious, and Sort Sind! Holy shit!



  1. Abhorrence Vulgar Necrolatry Completely Vulgar
  2. Carnage Dark Recollections Dark Recollections
  3. Coscradh Plagues of Knowth Nahanagan Stadial
  4. Demoncy Ipsissimus Of Shadows Black Star Gnosis
  5. Demoncy Black Star Gnosis Black Star Gnosis
  6. Demoncy Cosmic Curse Invocation Black Star Gnosis
  7. Demoncy Syzygy Of Unholy Trinity Black Star Gnosis
  8. Vargrav Chalice of Silver and Blood The Nighthold
  9. Morgoth Pits Of Utumno The Eternal Fall / Resurrection Absurd
  10. Early Death Bleakest Force The Bleakest Force
  11. White Death Life in Death Iconoclast
  12. Corrode One Demo
  13. Abystic Ritual Flames of Vengeance Dark Carnal Witchery (Demo)
  14. Sort Sind Foragt I skyggen af livet
  15. Order From Chaos Webs of Perdition And I Saw Eternity
  16. Grave Desecrator Death Misery Ecstasy Immundissime Spiritus
  17. Feldgrau Richthofen In Stahlgewittern
  18. Sacrenoir Épuration Comme des Revenants Parmi les Ruines
  19. Malicious Invasive Terror Merciless Storm
  20. Xalpen Kòlpèwsh The Curse of Kwányep
  21. Grafvitnir Venomous Incantations Into the Outer Wilderness
  22. Mortual Dimensional Chaos Evil Incarnation
  23. Sirius Travellers Of The Stellar Ocean Aeons Of Magick
  24. Total Hate Ignited by Hate Marching Towards Humanicide
  25. Nav’ Warriors Of Icy Desert Hymn To Cold Silence