Metalenema Episode 12-20-23 – Never Surrender Recap!

We do our recap of the amazing Never Surrender Festival, including stories of hanging with Blasphemy, a full festival playlist, AND an entire second half dedicated to all-new releases from December! Three hours of brain-busting metal mania to close out your year!



  1. Bloody Vengeance Genocidal Cleansing Ruido De Guerra
  2. Grave Upheaval Creation’s End Inexistentia
  3. Drawn and Quartered Rotting Abomination (The Cleansing) Congregation Pestilence
  4. Morbosidad Cagada de Cristo Morbosidad
  5. Masacre Conflicto de Paz Reqviem
  6. Hellwitch Viral Exogence Syzygial Miscreancy
  7. Venefixion Of Wolves and Ghosts A Sigh From Below
  8. Blood Decimation Inferno
  9. Blood Blood For Blood O Agios Pethane
  10. Baxaxaxa The Great Malicious Tongue Catacomb Cult
  11. Imprecation As Blasphemy Reigns Theurgia Goetia Summa
  12. Varathron Genesis Of Apocryphal Desire Genesis Of The Unaltered Evil
  13. Blasphemy Ritual Fallen Angel of Doom
  14. Serpent Spawn Carnage Divine Crypt Of Torment
  15. Grabunhold Gespenster Unter dem Banner der Toten
  16. Weregoat Osculum Infame Pestilential Rites of Infernal Fornication
  17. Death Worship Slaughtersiege Reaping Majesty
  18. Imperator Persecutor The Time Before Time
  19. Naked Whipper Perverse Delight Pain Streaks
  20. Mortuary Reign Of Dead Blackened Images
  21. Demoncy Sepulcrum Spectra Diabolica Blasphemiae
  22. Délétère Lex Syphilii Songes D’une Nuit Souillée
  23. Infernal Execrator Corporeal Adversaries Diabolatry
  24. Venefices Scarlet Throne of Sadism Incubacy
  25. Tenebro Lo Squartamento Della Tartaruga Ultime Grida Dalla Giungla
  26. Castleumbra Starbreeding Nicta Magia Nammu Tammtu
  27. Apparition The Black Witch Fear the Apparition
  28. Mutation Imprisoned With the Pharaohs Demo ’23
  29. Phobocosm Everlasting Void Foreordained
  30. Thagirion Grand Serpentrion King Towards the Black Sun of Violence
  31. Taranis Divine Grim Shadow Postmortem Spheres
  32. Vespéral Le Goût De La Mort Nuits Blanches