Metalenema Episode 11-22-23

Deathfucker continues terrorizing our show as band of the month, along with tons of new stuff from Triumph of Death, Iron Flames, Sorcerer, and Evoked!



  1. Triumph of Death Horus Aggressor (Live) Resurrection of the Flesh
  2. Enochian Holocaust Satanic Ceremony
  3. Blood Manipulator / Preacher of Hatred Blood & Incantation Split 7”
  4. Deathfucker Impure Sacraments God Devourer
  5. Deathfucker Summon the Anti-God God Devourer
  6. Deathfucker Through Portals Of Fire God Devourer
  7. Verminous Chanting of Ghouls Impious Sacrilege
  8. Entrench Calm the Urge Violent Procreation
  9. Moonblood In a Bloody Night of Fullmoon Blut und Krieg
  10. Iron Flames Lunar Birth On The Throne Of Stone Immortal Hero Of Eternal Time
  11. Disma Chasm Of Oceanus Towards The Megalith
  12. Marduk Year of the Maggot Memento Mori
  13. Sorcerer Volatile Spiritual Infirmities Mirages of Crystallized Horror
  14. Galicia Refract the Nonsubmerged Precipice
  15. Misgivings The Age of Christic Sorrow Misgivings
  16. Necros Christos Black Mass Desecration Darkness Comes To… Live!
  17. Hatespawn Death Cult Ascent From The Kingdom Below
  18. Charon Flagellum Horribils (Trident Lash) Sulphur Seraph
  19. Silent Scream Open Season From the Darkest Depths of the Imagination
  20. Sonic Poison Repulsive Reactions Eruption
  21. Sonic Poison Carbonized Eruption
  22. Dead of Winter Come Thy Legions At the Helm of the Abyss
  23. Succubus Liar Destiny
  24. Evoked Assassins of Hades Assassins of Hades
  25. Mortuary Drape Rattle Breath Black Mirror
  26. Orion On Being and Becoming Mystierivm Cosmographicvm