Metalenema Episode 1-11-23


We kick off 2023 with a run of bands we forgot in 2022, and discuss the weirdness of modern technology!



  1. Encryptment Dödens Födsel Dödens Födsel
  2. Concilivm Maleficent Creation A Monument in Darkness
  3. Eskhaton Khaossuary Horracle
  4. Devouror Oath Of Devil’s Cross Diabolos Brigade
  5. Denouncement Pyre Burn This World and Start Again Forever Burning
  6. Throne of Nails Cast The War Acts of War
  7. Dolchstoss Bayonet Wall War Is Eternal
  8. Abysmal Lord Bestiary of Immortal Hunger Bestiary of Immortal Hunger
  9. Gravelust Howling In Conflagration Passage To The End
  10. Sedimentum Krypto Chronique II Suppuration Morphogénésiaque
  11. Hats Barn Absence Of Faith Y.a.HW.e.H
  12. Misþyrming Með harmi Með hamri
  13. Rotten Tomb Emptiness Visions Of Dismal Fate
  14. Mysticum Eriaminell In the Streams of Inferno
  15. Decrepit Acrimonium Acrimonium
  16. Rosenfeld Crows In Black In The Garden
  17. Funeral Mist Across The Qliphoth Salvation
  18. Demigod Slumber of Sullen Eyes Slumber of sullen eyes
  19. Mystic Charm Deadly Embrace Shadows Of The Unknown
  20. Defaced Creation Baptised In Fire Serenity In Chaos
  21. Detente Blood I Bleed Recognize No Authority