Metalenema Epsiode 12-28-22 – The best metal albums of 2022, part 2!


And we’re back with part 2 of our Best of 2022! Another two hours of killer shit that made the last year in metal amazing!

We also wanted to give the MVP Award ( Metalenema’s Valuable Player, that is) to Svartalv for holding down an entire month’s worth of episodes for us. That’s a show first in our almost 30-year history!

Thanks for everyone’s support this year! More death, black, and thrash to come in 2023!!


Best of 2022, Part 2

  1. Coscradh Feast of the Epiphany Nahanagan Stadial
  2. Mistcavern Dissolving in Infinite Despair Into Twilight
  3. Blood Storn Chaotic Exile Cursedness Of The Cinder Witch
  4. Slugathor Faceless Icons Crypt of the Ancient Fire
  5. Abythic Conquest of the One True Creed Eden of the Doomed
  6. Pestilength Thelegm Basom Gryphos
  7. Berator Final Crucifixion Elysian Inferno
  8. Church Of Disgust At The Pillar Of Souls Weakest Is The Flesh
  9. Ymir The Pale Ghost of North Aeons of Sorrow
  10. Suppression Lifelessness The Sorrow Of Soul Through Flesh
  11. Blood Parasite Split
  12. Nunslaughter Leave Me in My Grave Split
  13. Besieged Last Chance Violence Beyond All Reason
  14. Disma Beyond the Dimensionless Earthendium
  15. Ritualization The Crown of Moloch Hema Ignis Necros
  16. Crucifier Foul Deeds Will Rise Say Your Prayers
  17. Ultra Silvam Incarnation Reverse The Sanctity of Death
  18. Purgatory We Where Forced Astray Apotheosis of Anti Light
  19. Embrace of Thorns The Breath of the Beast Entropy Dynamics
  20. Critical Defiance Altering The Senses No Life Forms
  21. Razor All Fist Fighting Cycle Of Contempt

Shameless self-promoting Honorable Mentions:
Imprecation Devil’s Furnace In Nomine Diaboli
Trenchant Atrocity Vision Commandoccult