Metalenema Epsiode 12-13-22 – The best metal albums of 2022, part 1!


Misgivings – S/T is our album of the year!
Woooooooo! We made it! We’re still alive! And now it’s time to count back the shitload of great albums that came out in 2022! We needed two episodes for this, so strap yourself in for a year’s worth of unmitigated metal greatness!
Best of 2022, Part 1

  1. Misgivings Masquerading as God Misgivings
  2. Deathsiege At the Ruins of Legacy Throne of Heresy
  3. Aparthiva Raktadhara Omnicidal Samshan-Pyre Of Kaalkutha Adyapeeth Maranasamhita 
  4. Serpent Spawn Carnage Divine Crypt Of Torment
  5. Lucifericon The Veils of Negative Existence The Warlock of Da’ath
  6. Immolation Immoral Stain Acts of God
  7. Sépulcre Relics from Unearthly Cult Cursed Ways of Sheol
  8. Mortuus Diablerie Diablerie
  9. Gevurah At the Orient of Eden Gehinnom
  10. Ares Kingdom Stormbringer Hyades (Rain Down Darkness) In Darkness At Last
  11. Omegavortex Origin of Evil Omegavortex / Pious Levus
  12. Pious Levus Lucipyrean Stronghold Omegavortex / Pious Levus
  13. Thou Art Lord Hades Daemoniorum
  14. Orthodoxy Into Primigenian Darkness Ater Ignis
  15. Nocturnal Graves Command for Conflict An Outlaw’s Stand
  16. SS-18 Пепел Cryoholocaust
  17. SS-18 Undead City Lost Warheads
  18. Cruentation Crawling in Depravity Cruentation
  19. Initiation Ride the Tempest Winds An Age of Darkness
  20. Chaotian Etched Shadows Effigies of Obsolescence
  21. Dead Head Parabellum Slave Driver
  22. White Rune The Iron Claws of Satan Dawn of the White Rune
  23. Protector Toiling in Sheol Excessive Outburst of Depravity
  24. Ravenous Death Hydra Dungeon Visions From the Netherworld
  25. Theriomorph Atigibus, a Passage of Cruel Power Diabolical Bloodswords
  26. Perdition Temple In Thrall of Malevolence Merciless Upheaval