Metalenema Episode 6-22-22

An all-new show with nothing but all-new releases! 2022 is already getting huge! Holy shit! Berator is our band of the month! Yeah! Fuck! 

  1. Mistcavern The Shielding Twilight Into Twilight
  2. Nunslaughter This Cross Was Built for You Split
  3. Blood Sadist Split
  4. Serpent Spawn Carnage Divine Crypt Of Torment
  5. Trolldom En Eldbeklädd Begravningsritual… Av Gudars Ätt…
  6. Funeral Vomit Funeral Incantation Necrophoric Infestation
  7. Berator Warlust Elysian Inferno
  8. Berator Onslaught to Absolution Elysian Inferno
  9. Vultyrium Into Castle Dark Vultyrium
  10. Disma Imprecation of Diabolical Scourge Earthendium
  11. SS-18 The Newest Nuclear Scenery (2006 vers.) Lost Warheads
  12. Purgatory Expectato Solis Apotheosis of Anti Light
  13. Besieged Violence Beyond All Reason Violence Beyond All Reason
  14. Aparthiva Raktadhara Omnicidal Samshan-Pyre Of Kaalkutha Adyapeeth Maranasamhita 
  15. Predictor Black Altar …Thus Spoke Death
  16. Mortuus Diablerie Diablerie
  17. The Chasm A Keen but Empty Sight The Scars of a Lost Reflective Shadow
  18. Denouncement Pyre The Liberating Fires of Moloch Forever Burning
  19. Morrigan Blind Witch Anwynn
  20. Initiation Dying From Its Own Malice An Age of Darkness
  21. Blood Storm Saffron Harlot Of The Nightside Cursedness Of The Cinder Witch