Metalenema Episode 6-8-22 – Maryland Deathfest Recap!


We are back! The guys did full immersion at this year’s MDF by actually performing at it (and then not actually doing a real-time episode like we planned). Oh, well. All the bands were awesome! Everything was excellent! We all got covid! Fuck yeah!



  1. Rottrevore Jesters Of Recession Iniquitous
  2. Blood Feast Vampire Kill For Pleasure/Face Fate
  3. Demolition Hammer Aborticide Epidemic of Violence (2008 Reissue)
  4. Obituary Turned Inside Out Cause Of Death
  5. Carcass Exhume To Consume Symphonies Of Sickness
  6. Cardiac Arrest Immoral And Absurd A Parallel Dimension Of Despair
  7. Drawn and Quartered Carnage Atrocity Congregation Pestilence
  8. Imprecation  Morbid Crucifixion Damnatio Ad Bestias
  9. Coroner Die By My Hand No More Color
  10. Autopsy Charred Remains Severed Survival
  11. Sepultura   Mass Hypnosis Beneath The Remains
  12. Triptykon Goetia Eparistera Daimones
  13. Necrophobic Tsar Bomba Mark Of The Necrogram
  14. Nunslaughter Red Is the Color of Ripping Death Red Is the Color of Ripping Death
  15. Divine Eve The Last Of The Sunset Faded Upon These Ashes Scorn The World
  16. Nocturnus Neolithic      The Nocturnus Demos
  17. Demilich        The Echo (Replacement) 20th Adversary of Emptiness
  18. Immolation   The Devil I Know Failures For Gods
  19. Hellhammer Messiah                 Satanic Rites 
  20. Deicide        Behead the Prophet (No Lord Shall Live) Legion
  21. Profanatica Broken Jew Rotting Incarnation of God
  22. Sacramentum  Cries from a Restless Soul Far Away From The Sun / Finis Malorum