Metalenema Episode 3-17-21


We bid farewell to LG Petrov of Entombed and offer new tracks from Os, Beelzeebubth, and Wederganger!



Wederganger Gelderse Drek  Halfvergaan Ontwaakt

Nadsvest Otvori dveri Kolo ognja i železa

Os Introibo Ad Mortem, Qui Illuminat Vitam Meam Stationes Viae Mortis

Pseudogod Necromancy of the Iron Darkness Deathwomb Catechesis

Beelzeebubth Black Slave Ship (the Triumph of Death) Sæculum Obscurum

Proscription Voiceless Calling Conduit

Convulse Godless Truth World Without God

Corpsessed Forlorn Burial Impetus of Death

Demigod As I Behold I Despise Slumber of Sullen Eyes

TrenchRot Gallery Of The Dead Necronomic Warfare

Malicious Prophecies Guerra toxica Reducido a Cenizas

Sturdy Taste Unforgettable Punishment Lovely Presentation demo

Celtic Frost Ain Elohim Monotheist

Agressor Voices From Below Neverending Destiny

Amen Corner Deusdemoteme Fall, Ascencion And Domination

Sororicide Vivisection The Entity

Gammacide Walking Plague Victims of Science

Deicide Mephistopheles Deicide

Gehenna The Killing Kind Adimiron Black

Corpse Necrosadism Mortal Terror

Antaeus Control And Abuse Blood Libels

Entombed Left Hand Path Left Hand Path