Metalenema Episode 3-3-21


The guys talk about how life really sucks a lot compared to the 80s, and then speculate about people stage-diving while on fire. Also, new stuff from Sorcier Des Glaces (yes, again!)



Samael Son Of Earth Ceremony Of Opposites

Malakhim His Voiceless Whisper Theion

Sorcier Des Glaces The Ghost from the Northland Ghastly Memories (EP)

Grafvitnir Wound in Night’s Flesh Death’s Wings Widespread

Sadistic Ritual Executioner Visionaire Of Death

Temple of Baal Lord of the Raging Seas Verses of Fire

Mortem Angel of Apostasy Deinós Nekrómantis

Funeral Mist Nightside Phantom Devilry

Cianide Human Cesspool The Dying Truth

Phobocosm Awaken Unconscious Deprived

Nucleus Cantos Sentient

Divine Eve Vindication Vengeful And Obstinate

Nefarious Coffin Breath Death Beckons [EP]

Youna Urgewalt Zornvlouch

Necrodeath At The Mountains Of Madness Into The Macabre 

Disma Towards The Megalith Towards The Megalith

Death Yell Confessions After Death Morbid Rites

Deathrow Raging Steel Raging Steel

Xalpen 1340 Sawken Xo´on

Deathspell Omega Drink the Devil’s Blood Infernal Battles