Metalenema 7-29-20

The Undertaker breaks out some war stories, along with new tracks from Venomous Skeleton and Khthoniik Cerviiks!



  1. Absu  Pillars Of Mercy Tara
  2. Demigod Towards The Shrouded Infinity Slumber of sullen eyes
  3. Gehenna Eater Of The Dead Adimiron Black
  4. Deicide Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live Live In London
  5. Stench of Evil Venomous Fire Triumph of Perversion
  6. Venomous Skeleton Taste the Celestial Blood Drowning in Circles
  7. Demonolator Black Cult Occult Incantations of Evil
  8. Disciples of Power Protector Unknown Album
  9. Ghost (POL) Fight for Your World The Lost of Mercy
  10. Necromass Sodomatic Orgy Of Hate Mysteria Mystica Zothyriana
  11. Ectoplasma Infestation Of The Extraneous Ones 4 Doors To Death Vol. II
  12. Vlad Tepes Walachian Tyrant War Funeral March
  13. Oath of Cruelty At the Tyrant’s Behest Summary Execution at Dawn
  14. Wehrmacht Anti Shark Attack [Remastered]
  15. Vulture        Delivered to Die Victim to the Blade
  16. Ancient Rites Crucifixion Justified (Roman Supremacy) The Diabolic Serenades
  17. Khthoniik Cerviiks Odyssey 3000 ├ćequiizoiikum
  18. Necromaniac Sealed For Eternity Subterranean Death Rising
  19. Massacra War Of Attrition Final Holocaust
  20. Pessimist Pyrosexual Cult of the Initiated
  21. Angelcorpse Sons Of Vengeance    Exterminate