Metalenema 7-15-20

We’re back with debuts from Cultus Profano, Acherontas, and the usual mix of awesomeness!


  1. Repression Depraved Existence Portals to Twisted Frailties
  2. Damnakleez Damnakleez Angel Of Evil
  3. Odium Totus Pt. VI – Dystopia Paradigm In Inceptum Finis Est
  4. Catacomb Hallucinated Mountains In The Maze Of Kadath 
  5. Leprophiliac Infesting The Intruder Necrosis
  6. Sombre Héritage Déchéance Alpha Ursae Minoris
  7. Cultus Profano 1. Cursed in Sin, Op. 25 Accursed Possession
  8. Sijjin Remnants Of Cambrian Evil Angel Of The Eastern Gate Ep
  9. Kreator Pleasure to Kill Pleasure to Kill
  10. Embrace of Thorns Ancient Waters Speak Praying for Absolution
  11. Kaeck Wormvloed Stormkult
  12. Sarpa Anguishing Reveries Solivagus
  13. Shub Niggurath Royal Demon The Kinglike Celebration (Final Aeon On Earth)
  14. Black Funeral Pazuzu King of the Lilu-Demons Scourge of Lamashtu
  15. Fleshcrawl Lost In A Grave Descend Into The Absurd
  16. Acherontas Sermons of the Psyche Psychic Death – The Shattering of Perceptions
  17. Ripper I Origin Paranormal Waves 
  18. Crucifier The Rotten Whore of God Stronger than Passing Time
  19. damonacy infernal desolation from within
  20. Dark Reign Onslaughter Fire Power Resurrecting Death
  21. Malicious Obsessing Torment Black Fumes EP