Metalenema 5-20-20

What’s happening to your body? The guys explore this existential question with the help of new tracks from Hegemony, Bythos, and more!


This Week’s Playlist

  1. Merciless Pure Hate The Awakening 
  2. Tsatthoggua Worm of sin Hosanna Bizarre
  3. Abhorrence (BRA) Hellish Annihilation  Triumph In Blasphemy (demo)
  4. Hegemony Fist of Heretical Triumph Enthroned by Persecution
  5. Triumph, Genus Po vrhu vždy je prázdno kolébek Po vrhu vždy je prázdno kolébek
  6. Grabunhold Gespenster Unter dem Banner der Toten
  7. Bythos Omega Dragon The Womb of Zero
  8. Astraes Pestis Pestilential Sorrow Flagellum Haereticorum
  9. Forteresse Spectre de la rebellion Thèmes pour la rébellion
  10. Violent Dirge Leprous Sanctity Elapse
  11. Accidental Suicide Method of Murder Deceased
  12. Fallen Christ Satanas (Luciferions) Abduction Ritual
  13. Mortem (NOR) Port Darkness Ravnsvart
  14. Mortem Hell And Beyond Decomposed By Possession
  15. Torture Rack Sentenced to Gang Rape Barbaric Persecution
  16. Excoriate Form Morbid Ruins On Pestilent Winds…
  17. Profanatica Sacramental Cum Rotting Incarnation of God
  18. Pentacle Pentacle – Black At Heart The Fifth Moon
  19. Ascended Dead Nexus Of The Black Flame Nexus Of The Black Flame 
  20. Seance Reincarnage Fornever Laid To Rest
  21. Funeral Mist Holy Poison Salvation
  22. ARCHGOAT Angel of Sodomy Black Mass XXX