Metalenema 5-6-20

Printable Ancient Greece Timeline from Twinkl (by subscription ...

The guys discuss the challenges of learning Greek history and debut the new Ofermod albums!


This week’s playlist:

  1. Num Skull No Morals Ritually Abused
  2. Murg         Renhet         Strävan
  3. Incantation Rotting Spiritual Embodiment Onward To Golgotha
  4. Ofermod Unfolding Paradow in Final Redemption Pentagrammaton
  5. Ofermod Foamborn Kytheria Pentagrammaton
  6. Ripping Corpse Feeling Pleasure Through Pain Dreaming With The Dead
  7. Tenebrae Crimson Dusk Serenades of the Damned 
  8. Frozen Shadows Strangled by Fear Hantises
  9. Sanctvs Descends sur l’Homme tel une épée Flamboyante Mors Aeterna
  10. Vital Remains Cult of the Dead Let Us Pray
  11. Ravencult Merciless Reprisal Force of Profanation
  12. Antaeus Seventh Ceremony Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan
  13. Veles The Winter Morning Night on Bare Mountain
  14. Warfire Through The Ages Of Victory Heralds Of Eternal Order
  15. Midvinter Hope Rides On Devil Wings At The Sight Of The Apocalypse Dragon
  16. Ectoplasma Ghostly Emanations In The Mortuary White-Eyed Trance
  17. Svartsyn Nekromantic Flesh …His Majesty
  18. Disma Purulent Quest Towards the Megalith
  19. Vorum In Obscurity Revealed Poisoned Void
  20. Dødheimsgard Angel Death Monumental Possession