Metalenema Episode 5-8-24

More cuts from Dissimulator and Hemmorhoid, along with new Crucifier, Engulfed, Uttertomb, Witchtrap, and Wyrmvold!



  1. Uttertomb Seraphobia Nebulas of Self-Desecration
  2. Witchtrap Lightning Attack Hungry As The Beast
  3. Engulfed In the Abyss of Death’s Obscurity Unearthly Litanies of Despair
  4. Dissimulator Automoil & Robotoil Lower Form Resistance
  5. Dissimulator Cybermorphism ∕ Mainframe Lower Form Resistance
  6. Hemorrhoid Hemorrhoidal Removal Surgery (Intro) Raw Materials of Decay
  7. Hemorrhoid Exogenous Intestinal Blockage Raw Materials of Decay
  8. Hemorrhoid Ultimate Commode of Chaos & Carnage Raw Materials of Decay
  9. Hemorrhoid Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis Raw Materials of Decay
  10. Crucifier In Hircine Splendor Led Astray
  11. Cantique Lepreux Le rêve primordial Le bannissement
  12. Svarthymn A Procedure Of Life In Decay In Blackest Ruin
  13. Ares Kingdom Aequinoctium In Darkness at Last
  14. Order From Chaos Power Elite Stillbirth Machine
  15. Azothyst Eradication Altar Blood of Dead God
  16. Echo Primordium Hadean Ex Aether
  17. Wyrmvold Xenoworship Vengeance Eclipsing Red
  18. Cultus Profano Conventus Esbat, Op. 8 Sacramentum Obscurus
  19. Graveside Helpless Swollen Creature Sinful Accession
  20. Luciferion The Manifest Demonication (The Manifest)
  21. Mortify Stigmatized Abyssal
  22. At War Fuckadafi Ordered to Kill
  23. Razor Red Money Open Hostility
  24. Papsmear Die Killing Music to Kill By (Compilation)
  25. Old Wainds Unholy Norland Fire Where The Snows Are Never Gone
  26. Atroce Lupus Ritualis Necromantiae Bestialis