Metalenema Episode 4-17-24

We have a double band of the month, with Dissimulator and Hemmorhoid, along with new tracks from Critical Defiance, Black Funeral, and tons more! We also talk about why thrash bands are full of ugly dudes!



  1. Azhubham Haani Far Beyond the Stars Total Evil
  2. Trépas Les Ombres Malades Les Ombres Malades
  3. Abominated Merciless Aggression Traumatic Putrefaction
  4. Dissimulator Neural Hack Lower Form Resistance
  5. Dissimulator Warped Lower Form Resistance
  6. Dissimulator Outer Phase Lower Form Resistance
  7. Hemorrhoid Liquified in a Caustic Sludge Raw Materials of Decay
  8. Hemorrhoid Dante’s Fecal Inferno Raw Materials of Decay
  9. Hemorrhoid Sliced and Tucked Raw Materials of Decay
  10. Therion A Suburb to Hell Of Darkness…
  11. Tsatthoggua To the Credo of Inversion Trans Cunt Whip
  12. Black Funeral Scholomance (The Dragon’s Elixir) Wallachian Voivode
  13. Beherit Werewolf, Semen And Blood Drawing Down The Moon
  14. Blasphemy Weltering In Blood Blood Upon The Altar
  15. Diocletian Death Tyrant War Of All Against All
  16. Critical Defiance 44 Minds The Search Won’t Fall…
  17. Terata The Source Triumvirate
  18. Crematory Denial Denial
  19. Blackdeath Der Flug des Nukleardrachen Satan macht frei
  20. Amorphis Grails Mysteries The Karelian Isthmus
  21. Sequestrum Dis-Organ-Ized Pickled Preservation
  22. Deathspell Omega Monument of Hate Manifestations 2002
  23. Infamy Onslaught Of Carnage The Blood Shall Flow
  24. Chapel Of Samhain Pale Black Onyx Cave
  25. Samael The Dark Worship Him
  26. Grimbane Obscurity reigns Let The Empires Fall
  27. Morbid Sacrifice Bloodsoaked Salvation Ceremonial Blood Worship
  28. Division Speed Blazing Heat Division Speed
  29. Slagmark Da Hedningen Tok Sverdet Fatt Eradication