Metalenema Episode 3-13-24

Unaussprechlichen Kulten is our band of the month, with their newest album “Häxan Sabaoth”! Also, new tracks from Profanation, Pestilength, Kawir, and Fessus!



  1. Sammath Shot In Mass Godless Arrogance
  2. Profanation Global Terror Skull Crushing Violence
  3. Pestilength Occlusive Solar Clorex
  4. Unaussprechlichen Kulten Lamia Sucuba Häxan Sabaoth
  5. Unaussprechlichen Kulten Cuatro Velas de Cebo Infantil Häxan Sabaoth
  6. Unaussprechlichen Kulten Our Almighty Chthonic Lords Häxan Sabaoth
  7. Morbid Messiah Condemned to Hell Sores In The Name of True Death Metal
  8. Cannibal Corpse Covered With Sores Butchered At Birth
  9. Protector A Shedding Of Skin A Shedding Of Skin
  10. Kawir Kydoimos Kydoimos
  11. Fessus Unmoored Pilgrims Of Morbidity / Thresholds of Morbidity
  12. Fallen Christ Burn Of The Altar Abduction Ritual
  13. Ultra Silvam Black Soil Fornication The Sanctity of Death
  14. Vader Vicious Circle Morbid Reich
  15. TrenchRot Trapped Under Treads Necronomic Warfare
  16. Absu Never Blow Out the Eastern Candle Tara + In the Eyes of Ioldànach
  17. Violent Dirge Enlivening Dann Elapse
  18. Serpens Aeon Within the Realm… Dawn of Kouatl
  19. Drowned Corpse God Procul His
  20. Purtenance Deep Blue Darkness Member Of Immortal Damnation
  21. Omegavortex Violent Transcendence Black Abomination Spawn
  22. Nightside Summon The Holocaust The End Of Christianity
  23. Armagedon The Circle of False Truths Invisible Circle
  24. Afterlife Embrace Surreality
  25. Nither Ensorcelled By Lunacy Cast In Dark Grandeur
  26. Definition Sane Inborn Self-Destruction Psychodelirium
  27. Mortuary Drape Drowned in Silence Black Mirror
  28. Nachtfalke Nordic Warriors Hail Victory Teutonia