Metalenema Episode 2-7-24 – “Abbath” returns!

Abigor is remains our band of the month into February, and “Abbath” decided to come by and offer some choice commentary!



  1. Phrenelith Crawling Shadows, Slithering Tongues Desolate Endscape
  2. Vargrav Thy Imperial Malice The Nighthold
  3. Face Of Evil Burn The Cross Face Of Evil
  4. Abigor Cult Of Elder Chaos Taphonomia Aeternitatis
  5. Abigor Burning Hell Taphonomia Aeternitatis
  6. Abigor Forniotrs Weltenreise Taphonomia Aeternitatis
  7. Immortal Throned by Blackstorms Battles in the North
  8. Pentacle Now Spit Forth Death Spectre of the Eight Ropes
  9. Maiestas Battle Charge Purgatorium
  10. Fallen Christ Kill Of The Newborn Abduction Ritual
  11. Macabre Fritz Haarmann The Butcher Gloom
  12. Stormtroopers Of Death Kill Yourself Speak English Or Die
  13. Liers In Wait Bleeding Shrines of Stone Spiritually Uncontrolled Art
  14. Sacramentary Abolishment The Day the Waves Died The Distracting Stone
  15. Tyrant Trooper Unholy Incision Insane Sickness
  16. Satyricon Vikingland The Shadowthrone
  17. Harkenkreuz Psycho… Horstwessel Demo
  18. Boundless Chaos Arson from Beyond Sinister Upheaval
  19. Monstrosity Manic Millennium
  20. No Return Raving Lunatic Contamination Rises
  21. Avenger V Okovech Fall of Devotion, Wrath & Blasphemy
  22. Funebrarum Cursed Eternity Sleep of Morbid Dreams
  23. Mayhemic Mortuary Feast of Skeletons The Darkest Age
  24. Cianide Crawling Chaos The Dying Truth
  25. Demilich The Putrefyin Road in the Ninteenth Extremity (Somewhere Inside the Bowl) Nespithe
  26. Krypts The Black Smoke Unending Degradation
  27. Horde Of Hel Holy Ash Döden nalkas