Metalenema – The Stellar Descension Infernal 20th Anniversary Special!

It’s the 20th anniversary of the infamous Stellar Descension Infernal tour, featuring Averse Sefira, Watain, and Secrets of the Moon! The Undertaker (who was also in Averse Sefira, btw) recounts the best stories from those now-infamous dates, and dedicate this massive two-part episode to this moment of underground greatness. It was as insane as you’d imagine!



View the entire tour photo gallery here!


  1. Secrets Of The Moon Condemnation (Of The Inferiority) Bestien In Engelsgestalt
  2. Averse Sefira For We Have Always Been Homecoming’s March
  3. Watain Black Salvation Casus Luciferi
  4. Averse Sefira The Nascent Ones (The Age Of Geburah) Battle’s Clarion
  5. Watain The Limb Crucifix Rabid Death’s Curse
  6. Secrets Of The Moon Nemesis Stronghold of the Inviolables
  7. Watain Angelrape Rabid Death’s Curse
  8. Averse Sefira Argument Obscura Battle’s Clarion
  9. Secrets Of The Moon Praise the Khaos Stronghold of the Inviolables
  10. Zarathustra Mass Execution Perpetual Black Force
  11. Secrets of the Moon To The Ultimate Embers And Ash Live In Bitterfeld 2001
  12. Averse Sefira Condemned To Glory Split
  13. Watain Fireborn (Malign cover) Live At VooDoo, Budapest, Hungary 06.10.’03
  14. Watain Casus Luciferi Casus Luciferi
  15. Secrets Of The Moon Under A Funeral Moon The Exhibitions EP
  16. Averse Sefira Hymns to the Scourge of Heaven Homecoming’s March
  17. Averse Sefira Fallen Beneath The Earth Battle’s Clarion
  18. Watain My Fists Are Him (Live) Live At VooDoo, Budapest, Hungary 06.10.’03
  19. Secrets Of The Moon Cosmogenesis Carved In Stigmata Wounds
  20. Secrets Of The Moon Moonstruck Stronghold of the Inviolables
  21. Watain I Am The Earth Casus Luciferi
  22. Averse Sefira Ad Infinitum Homecoming’s March
  23. Watain Agony Fires Rabid Death’s Curse
  24. Averse Sefira …Ablaze Battle’s Clarion
  25. Secrets Of The Moon Miasma Carved In Stigmata Wounds
  26. Teitanblood Seven Chalices of Vomit and Blood Seven Chalices
  27. Averse Sefira Pax Dei Homecoming’s March
  28. Secrets of the Moon Kaosthrone (Destroy To Create) Live In Bitterfeld 2001
  29. Watain Rabid Death’s Curse (Live) Live At VooDoo, Budapest, Hungary 06.10.’03
  30. Christicide Unleash The Warriors Of Hell Apex Of Negativity
  31. Antaeus Gates To The Outside From The Entrails To The Dirt