Metalenema Episode 9-20-23

Baxaxaxa is our band of the month, with their killer new album “De Vermis Mysteriis” leading the charge for a playlist that also features the latest from Marduk, and discussions about how real black metal fandom is about worshipping teenagers.



  1. Baxaxaxa Seed of Golgotha De Vermis Mysteriis
  2. Baxaxaxa De Vermis Mysteriis De Vermis Mysteriis
  3. Baxaxaxa Kiss of shame De Vermis Mysteriis
  4. Death Worship Superion Rising Extermination Mass
  5. Tenebro Il Killer del Rasoio L’ Inizio Di Un Incubo
  6. Divine Eve Velvet of the Godless Upon These Ashes Scorn The World
  7. Ekrom My End Uten Nådigst Formildelse
  8. Disinter Corrode Into Nothing Breaker Of Bones
  9. Unpure Northern Sea Madness Prophecies Ablaze
  10. Marduk Blood of the Funeral Memento Mori
  11. Sadus Torture Chemical Exposure
  12. Into Darkness Huygens Descent Cassini-Huygens
  13. Sanctuaire La Crue Mystique Spectre de Mondes Passés
  14. Cianide Serpent’s Wake Unhumanized (EP)
  15. Cruciamentum Fallen In Disease Engulfed In Desolation
  16. Setherial Shades over Universe Lords of the Nightrealm
  17. Drowned (Beyond the) Gates of Kadath Demo 1993
  18. Baal Zebuth Might of the Beast  Necromysticism – Into The Chasm Of Hell
  19. Unholy Redeemer Revere The Slaughter A Fever To Dethrone All Kings
  20. Diocletian Wolf Against Serpent Gesundrian
  21. Zarathustra Vulgus Necare Perpetual Black Force
  22. Sturmtiger War is Eternal Transcendent Warfare
  23. Demoniac El final Nube negra