Metalenema Episode 5-4-22


Suppresion is our band of the month! Support them here. Plus awesome new stuff from Ravenous Death, Concilivm, Speckmann Prjoect, and Death Epiphany!


  1. Arckanum Hæxhamar Kaos Svarta Mar/ Skinning the Lambs
  2. Death Epiphany Militarized Apocalypse Invocation Traversing the Blood Mist
  3. Protector Face Fear A Shedding of Skin
  4. Suppression Lifelessness The Sorrow Of Soul Through Flesh
  5. Suppression Monochromatic Chambers The Sorrow Of Soul Through Flesh
  6. Suppression Self-Eaten Alive The Sorrow Of Soul Through Flesh
  7. Nuclear Assault The Plague The Plague
  8. Hobbs Angel Of Death Bubonic Plague Hobbs Angel Of Death
  9. Wargrinder Plague Descendants Ironclad Destroyer  
  10. Nifelheim Belials Prey Envoy of Lucifer
  11. Charon Key to Nowhere – The Absolute Sulphur Seraph
  12. Whiplash War Monger Power And Pain
  13. Ravenous Death Gore Vault Dismemberment Visions From the Netherworld
  14. C.Y.T. Aux Dévots De La Passion Configuration of A Yearned Twilight
  15. Purgatory God Loves None of You Apotheosis of Anti Light
  16. Xibalba Itzaes Bow the Serpent in the Stone Ancients
  17. Watain Black Salvation Casus Luciferi
  18. Cornigr Devil’s Blood Funereal Harvest 
  19. Concilivm Oneiric Abyss A Monument in Darkness
  20. Hearse Groans Below Traipse Across the Empty Graves
  21. Speckmann Project Fiends of Emptiness Fiends of Emptiness
  22. Nekromantheon Faustian Rites Visions of Trismegistos
  23. Sotherion Shrine of the Chosen Schwarmgeist
  24. Yog Sothots Slasher Noise Demo
  25. Frightful Those Who Burns for Might Spectral Creator