Metalenema Episode 2-16-22 – All-Chile Special!


This week, we celebrate the greatness of Chile with an exclusive lineup of acts from the country. Not too many scenes deliver this kind of consistency! Dig in and enjoy!


  1. Critical Defiance Desert Ways Misconception
  2. Totten Korps The Black Flame Of The Underworld Supreme Commanders Of Darkness
  3. Deathwards The Hierarchist Towards Death
  4. Occidens Warfront Glorification of the Antichrist
  5. Suffering Sights Punishment Voids When Sanity Becomes Insanity
  6. Magnanimus The Wrath Of Absu Storm Lords Storms of Chaotic Revelations
  7. Death Yell Cries of the Nazarene Descent Into Hell
  8. Force of Darkness Infernal Gap Force of Darkness
  9. Slaughtbbath True Power Knows No Mercy Hail To Fire
  10. Vomit Judge Death Deathlike Vomit
  11. Istengoat Unverzagt Atlas Shrugged
  12. Ripper Vomiting Blood Raising The Corpse – Fatal Memories
  13. Suppression Self-Eating Alive Repugnant Remains
  14. Hades Archer Religion / Prostitution For the Diabolical Ages       
  15. Phantasmagore Overwhelming Recognition Insurrection or Submission
  16. Invincible Force Illusion of Truth Decomposed Sacramentum
  17. Unaussprechlichen Kulten Sacrificio infanticida Keziah Lilith Medea (Chapter X)
  18. Blames God Die In Oblivion Alteration of the Hallow Remains
  19. Deathly Scythe Abysmal Kingdom of Stars Celestial Darkness
  20. Praise the Flame Endless Scourge Manifest Rebellion
  21. Atomic Aggressor Greed Supremacy Sights of Suffering
  22. Atomicide Suffocation Terror Ascended Dead / Atomicide
  23. Communion Fire Worship The Communion
  24. Pentagram Chile Sacrophobia The Malefice
  25. Apostasy Satan Ascends The Sign Of Darkness